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725 S 250 E HYDE PARK, UT 84318 - PHONE: 435-752-1478
      Learn about St. John Henry Newman, our new saint!
      St. Thomas Aquinas Parish 75th Anniversary Logo
    • St. Jerome Newman Center

      Daily Masses at the Newman Center
      Sunday: 6:00pm
      Monday: 6:00pm
      Tuesday: 8:00am
      Wednesday: No Mass
      Thursday: 6:00pm
      Friday: No Mass
      ...except for 1st Friday.
      Mass on First Fridays is at 4:00pm
      followed by Solemn Vespers, Adoration, and Benediction
      Take Note: NO MASSES at St. Jerome Newman Center on Wednesdays and Fridays
      but at St. Thomas Aquinas Parish every Wednesday there is 6pm Confession
      followed by 7pm Holy Mass.
      Every Friday at St. Thomas, Holy Mass is at 12 noon.
      Let us continue to grow in holiness by taking part daily
      in the celebration of the Sacraments at St. Jerome Newman Center
      and St. Thomas Aquinas Parish Church.  
      Other Services
      Adoration and Confession
      Every Sunday, Monday, and Thursday
      5:00pm - 5:45pm
      Chanted Night Prayers
      of the Liturgy of the Hours
      with the students
      Every Sunday 7:10pm
      Saint Jerome’s Newman Center
      795 N 700 E
      Logan, UT 84321

    • Our Weekly Bulletin

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    • Our Catholic Church

      Saint Thomas Aquinas Catholic Parish
      725 South 250 East Map
      Hyde Park, UTAH 84318
      Phone: 435-752-1478

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